No, this is not Balakot in 2019. AFP exposes Indian social media post

Photos shared numerous times on Facebook and Twitter claiming to show a devastated area of Pakistan on February 27, 2019 after Indian airstrikes are “misleading”, AFP reported.
The images, also published by the BBC, are AFP photos showing the aftermath of a 2005 earthquake which killed tens of thousands of people in Pakistan.
“This misleading Facebook post was published February 27, 2019 and has been shared hundreds of times,” the Paris-based news agency stated in the AFP Fact Check website.
The post’s caption states in Hindi: “You have seen many pictures of Pulwama; now look at state of Pakistan today.”
It contains three images which show destroyed buildings and dead bodies in the rubble.
AFP stated in a tweet that people were sharing their photos taken in 2005 out of context.
“Pulwama” refers to a suicide attack in the Pulwama district of Indian-administered Kashmir which killed 41 Indian paramilitary troops on February 14.
Media reports published multiple photos of the Pulwama attack.
In a tweet clarifying the real story behind the picture, AFP stated that people were sharing their photos taken in 2005 “out of context”.

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